News and Articles About Slow-Motion Strength Training
Slow-Motion Strength Training is not a new fad. In fact, it has been featured in the media for over a decade. Listed below are some of the news stories about strength training and its benefits using Slow-Motion Strength Training. Our OakBrook Terrace facility is one of only a few in Illinois.
Authentic Woman, July 2010. "Prevent Osteoporosis with Strength Training" Nicki Casale, owner of Dynamic Strength in Oakbrook Terrace, discusses the benefits of Strength Training for women over the age of 50.
Forest Leaves, August 22, 2007: "Slow-Motion Workout brings Fast Results" River Forest publication featured the unique and highly effective Slow-Motion technique to build Strength. Twenty minute sessions with extremely slow movement, produce remarkable results. Featured fitness facility is Dynamic Strength in Oakbook Terrace, IL.
CBS News: "Feel The Power" Lesley Stahl And Barbara Walters Share Secret For Staying In Shape.
Newsweek, Feb. 5, 2001: "Super slow" Some say pumping iron at a snail's pace--and forgetting the treadmill forever--can lead to extraordinary results. Going Super Slow Lifting weights at a snail's pace can work wonders. Is it the key to fitness?
Vogue Magazine, July 2007. "The 25 Minute Miracle" The smart way to work out, according to a new theory of weight lifting, is to spend less than an hour a week in the gym DODJE KAZANJIAN tries SuperSlow®.
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