Doctor recommended
"After only a short time doing this strength training, I had improved my bone density so much that I didn't need medication for my osteopenia anymore. My doctor also said that my cholesterol levels have greatly improved and he now refers his patients to Dynamic Strength."
-Helen P.
Doctor Recommended
Often times a doctor will recommend that their patients incorporate a regular exercise routine into their daily lifestyle. But, for many "seniors", finding the right place to exercise can be intimidating and a little scary.
Dynamic Strength was originally designed for seniors with osteoporosis and other medical conditions. We are pleased to offer a quiet, caring environment with one-on-one attention for our seniors. Our experienced trainers will provide a safe and comfortable experience with specific exercises designed for each individual.
If your doctor has recommended you begin a regular regimen of exercise, we encourage you to Contact Dynamic Strength for a FREE sample session and to learn more.