male patient with physician
"My job is very physical and since I've been training at Dynamic Strength I have a ton more energy and incredible strength that makes my job a lot easier. I also don't wake up with my old aches and pains anymore."
-Norm S.
Doctor Referrals for Exercise
Many of our clients come to us as referrals from physicians and physical therapists. We are NOT your typical gym or health club. We work one-on-one with clients to help them reach their fitness goals, based on their personal abilities and level of health.
We often get physician referrals for exercise from:
Cardiologists – for patients who need to:
- Lower cholesterol
- Lose weight
OB/GYNs – for patients who need to:
- Combat osteoporosis and osteopenia
GP's – for patients who need to:
- Lose weight
- Fight diabetes
- Improve strength or balance
- Improve overall health
Chiropractors – for patients who need to:
- Improve muscle strength
- Strengthen/support ligaments
Orthopaedics – for patients who need to:
- Continue strengthening joints after surgical rehab
We are often described as having an environment that's more clinical than cosmetic. We invite you to visit our facility and see for yourself. We welcome your patients and will treat them with great care.
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