Questions and Answers About Strength Training and Slow Motion Fitness:
What If I've Never Exercised Before?
An experienced strength trainer will personally guide you through your entire session. All the exercise machines will be adjusted to your individual specifications by your trainer. At no point during the exercise will you be left unattended. Your trainer will do everything for you except, perform the exercise, or course.
Will I Really Achieve Results Training So Infrequently?
Absolutely! This type of training provides exceptional stimulation to your body resulting in new muscle growth and strength. Furthermore, you will be progressively challenged with each new session giving your body what it needs to continuously see and feel results! Building muscle, bone density and strength does not actually happen while you are exercising, it occurs while your body is at rest. The amount of rest needed between sessions varies with each individual.
What About My Cardiovascular System?
The only way to improve your cardiovascular system is by doing mechanical work with muscle. The higher the intensity of muscular work, the more effect it will have on your cardiovascular system. As you build muscle, the body begins to grow new micro-vascular capillary networks to serve those muscles. The addition of these capillaries creates new avenues for blood flow. Because the heart is a muscle, the health of its tissues depends largely on its saturation with large healthy blood supply routes. This saturation or "vascularization" is one of the most important benefits of strength training.
Will I "Bulk Up" If I Exercise With Weights?
No! Understand that lean muscle is actually more compact than fat. Strength training will actually make you smaller, not larger. It is possible that as you build muscle you may perceive yourself as looking a little thicker. This is due to the muscle becoming slightly larger without having reduced the layer of body fat on top of the muscle. This is why the fastest and most effective way of getting a lean sculpted look is through both diet and exercise simultaneously!
Why Is The Exercise Room Kept So Cool?
The body produces tremendous heat during proper exercise. It must dissipate its excessive heat for sustained optimal performance. This is also beneficial because most clients don't perspire during their session so there is no need to shower or change clothing. If not, the body will overheat resulting in loss of mental concentration, productive intensity, and the will to continue.
How Quickly Will I Notice Results?
Because we are all different ages, at various levels of fitness, and with diverse percentages of body fat, results will differ for each individual. You can expect to feel results within the first three to five sessions. Your everyday activities, such as walking up stairs or lifting and carrying groceries, will require less effort. Your energy level will also increase. You will begin to notice firmness to the touch and possibly some definition of your muscles. If you need to lose body fat, your careful attention to diet will dramatically accelerate your results. Realize you must create a caloric deficit. Your body only requires a certain number of calories per day to function. If you eat more than your body needs, you will gradually gain fat. If you eat less, you will gradually lose fat. "What" you eat is just as important as "how much" you eat. Certain foods can send signals to your body to store fat instead of burn it!!
Is Slow-Motion Training Safe For My Age?
Yes! This form of exercise eliminates all accelerated movement and strictly enforces proper form. One of the major problems associated with aging is a condition called "sarcopenia". Sarcopenia is the age-related loss of muscle. This loss of muscle is the underlying cause of the loss of bone mineral density, loss of balance, inability to carry out the activities of daily life, and ultimately deterioration of all the systems that support the mechanical functioning of muscles (nervous system, cardiovascular system, etc.). As people of any age are exposed to proper exercise, they quickly regain lost strength. As they regain strength, their functional capabilities such as balance, gait, and cardiovascular efficiency will improve.
Why Don't I Have to Warm Up Before This Type Exercise?
The warm-up is built right into the exercise. The body immediately warms up within the first few repetitions. Because the movement is very slow and deliberate, the risk for injury is removed.
Can People With Heart Conditions Train This Way?
People with heart conditions are able to train this way, but because each individual's condition varies, prior consent is needed from their cardiologist.
What Happens If I Go On Vacation or Become Ill and Can't Work Out?
When you return, we may have to reduce the weight a little. When too many days go by without proper muscle stimulation, the muscle will begin to slightly diminish. As soon as you begin to train again, you can bring the muscle back.
I've been Training Regularly, But My Weight Has Barely Changed. What's Wrong?
Understand that as you train you will be building muscle. Even though you are burning fat, the scale may not reflect a change in weight. What you may very well notice is that your clothes are fitting you more loosely and the mirror will reflect a trimmer image. Remember dieting will dramatically enhance your results if you need to lose body fat!