Enhance Your Athletic Performance With Strength Training
Strength training is a pivotal portion of an athlete's conditioning regimen. Although traditional free weights or weight training is one way to build strength, the better (and safer) way is through Slow-Motion Strength Training.
With traditional weight training, it's easy to cheat. In an effort to "get through it," most people quickly count through their reps and figure if they've done a few more, they're improving. But the problem with that approach is that momentum and acceleration take the load off of the muscle, decreasing the effectiveness of the exercise.
Slow-Motion Training forces the muscles to do all of the work and provide continuous stimulation resulting in a more concentrated and efficient workout. By moving in a very slow, precise manner, your muscles work every second without relaxing or "unloading" from the weight. That's why one twenty-minute session will give you better results than if you had worked out for hours in a gym!
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